13 Mayıs 2015 Çarşamba

Don't Tell Them

Don't tell about your dreams to anybody. Suddenly i' m cutting in to the chase. Sorry for that but I must talk about something which make me sad. Last night we went to the our friend's home for the teatime. She is coming to our course too and we were friend. İ sad " we were" because my mind isn't clear about the friendship.  İ don't think about clearly her and the other friends.

While i was talking about my future plan, they laughed to me. First i must tell about my dream: " İ always think about live in a chalet and i believe that. İt mustn't be huge. İt can be small but in the reading room must have wall-to-wall with my books. There must be a cat in the room. " and the another thought " Everbody can live in nature".

 İ always defent this idea that our ancestors came from Asian steppes with migration. Sometime they couldn't find the water to sustain their life and they migrationed again near the water supply. Our ancestors worked up their humanity for eat and war in the wild. İ want to say this: Before living residence we lived like that, now we can learn again how to the live in nature. İt is learnable not difficult. 

They can't believe to themselves, that isn' t my mistake.. 

They laughed about that. İ am a traveler. Now a small voyager but i love travelling very very much. Sure chalet it can be dream, travel it can be probabilistic, but thats are my dream. No one has the right to laugh. 

Dont be friend with who is make fun of to your dreams. Now i have few friend but my mind in peace.

9 Mayıs 2015 Cumartesi

Live Concert Life

Hi to everybody from my heart. İ want to write about something again. İ went the concert with my course friends on Wednesday. İt was a soft rock music band which is popular these days. Hımm not days. These years. Yeah now that is true. 

İn the concerts, fairs etc. you musn't be at front side. You can trush from the other fans. We was at the right rear.İ can tell you the coordinates; We saw the group' s buttom' s right lob. But it wasn't important because we cared to being together. 

İn your life you can fall astern from others, you can fall the mud which is make you sad about psychologic. İf you have good path friends, you can close your eyes to troubles 
which that make you crazy. 
But despite everything you must be on the alert to your mind. İt can say to you 
" You don't love your entourage, you love yourself
you are a selfish bit.h". 

Dont care about that. İt always speak to reduce the mode. İf you are a selfish for live your life.
Thats cool. İt is only your life. 
Don't say " İ didn' t live which i wanted to do in my life" when you grew old. Your heart
will be together with you.

7 Mayıs 2015 Perşembe

First.. Love Yourself

I was listening music when the sadness came to me. First i though " that must be about some old people who  made me upset". But later i understood it is coming from my heart's deep ocean. 

İf you fell in love, you have had lovely problem which never you resolve.
İf you fell deep pure love, you are the best in your life. Your brain can speak to your heart and you can' t make silly mistakes to yourself and to your lover.

İ have seen this love movie in my life. Hosanna! Now i'm alive. My eyes are seeing all of the world's beauty. They are seeing with my boyfriend, who is my lover comrade.

İ try to say this;
When your heart confused, take a long breath and smile yourself first on the mirror. You will see your whisper  will be on your cheek. You will start to love yourself first, after they will come. After they will hug to you. Firstly i loved myself and after they loved me. Believe and see.

With Love